Your Furniture Style, Your Way

Mix, match and modify to fit your home

Why settle for less, when you can get more? At Don Willis Furniture, you get options you just won’t find anywhere else. From bookcases to bedroom sets, dining sets and more, we can mix, match, and modify furniture to fit your home and your sense of style.

Just consider the deceptively simple bookcase. You’ll find over a hundred different sizes, available in different styles, woods and finishes. You can even choose your finish and have us apply it or finish it yourself. Plus, we make our bookcases locally, so you can get them any size you want – even if it’s not one of the hundred we have in stock. You’ll be amazed at the selection you can choose from – and not just in our bookcases.

So come browse our warehouse-style stores, find the pieces you’re looking for in your style, your size, your wood, and your finish. You can even mix and match, and we can help. And after you take your new treasures home, look to our furniture care experts to help you keep them looking beautiful for years to come. privacy | site map